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Help the Lisp community grow.

To join the ALU or make a donation, please use the links at the bottom of this page.

Individuals are encouraged to join the ALU. Annual dues are $25. All members may be recognized on our membership page.


  • right to vote for the board of directors (members only)
  • recognition in conference materials and on our website
  • conference discounts
  • preferred participation and advertising at conferences
  • satisfaction of supporting the Lisp community


The ALU also recognizes gifts of $50 or more (including membership fees). (All information is kept private unless you contact us. All recognition is optional.)

Here is a table summarizing our current sponsorship levels. Both individuals and corporations may donate at any level.

Level Contribution Recognition on our website
Individual $50 your name
Community $100 as above, plus your location
Regional $250 as above, plus a short paragraph
National $500 as above, plus a small image of your country's flag
Bronze $1000 as above, plus a small logo
Silver $2500 as above, plus a second paragraph
Gold $5000 as above, plus a large logo and dedicated page

(All images and text may have hyperlinks. All sponsors within a level are listed alphabetically.)

Additionally, lists of sponsors are distributed at ILCs and other events as appropriate.

Payment Options

Paypal is our default payment system. For large donations, you may contact us directly for other forms of payment.

Member dues:

The first $25 of payments made through these links will be applied towards your annual membership dues.

One-time payment Annual payments
(Enter an amount on Paypal's site.)


Payments received through these links are not applied towards membership dues. Thus they are appropriate for corporate sponsors and people who may want to donate without joining the ALU.

One-time payment Annual payments
(Enter an amount on Paypal's site.)

We thank you for your generosity.