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If you know anybody who would be interested in this, please pass it
along.  thanks!

The Cadence Design Systems VCAD group in Munich, Germany, is looking
for a University student intern for a period of two to six months.
You would be working on one of the following projects, depending on
our needs and your strengths:

  * Project planning and scheduling software.  This will be used to
    track our utilization of our developers, and to aid in planning
    for on-going and future projects.

  * Package configuration management software.  We deliver to our
    customers custom configurations built out of a large number of
    pieces of software and other intellectual property.  We are
    rewriting the system we use to specify, track, and build these

  * Common Lisp bindings to a large C++ library.  We are working on a
    system to automatically generate the low-level bindings, as well
    as designing a higher-level interface meant for direct use by
    application programmers.

The implementation language for all of the above will most likely be
Common Lisp, although lesser languages such as Java, Perl, and Tcl may
play a role as well.  We are looking for someone who either has
experience programming in a Lisp language, or is interested in
learning Lisp in a production environment, and is comfortable in
several mutually unrelated programming languages (eg, C, Smalltalk,
and PostScript; or Java, Prolog, and SPARC assembly language).

Our environment is Unix-based (Solaris and Linux), so you should have
a basic familiarity with Unix.  Other things that would be nice, but
are not required: some theoretical familiarity with relational
databases (eg, you took a database class or read the textbook from
one); Windows programming experience; Oracle experience; experience
with C++, SQL, and Prolog.

Virtual CAD (VCAD) is a group within Cadence providing EDA (Electronic
Design Automation) related services.  The internship is with the
software development group within VCAD.  Cadence's software products
are scripted with the SKILL language, a Lisp language with two
dialects: one Franz Lisp-like dialect, and one Scheme-like dialect.
The VCAD software group also uses Common Lisp where appropriate.

If you are interested, please contact
Thomas F. Burdick (tfb at cadence.com), and
Jim Newton (jimka at cadence.com)

For more information about VCAD, see:


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