[ALU-announce] ALU Wiki back at the ALU

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Tue Sep 6 05:31:28 PDT 2005

The ALU is proud to announce that we are once again hosting a Wiki
devoted to discussion of all things Lisp, available at:


We would also like to thank Drew Crampsie of tech.coop who took over
hosting of the ALU wiki content at a time when it was on the verge of
going off-line under a deluge of spam and when the ALU folks who might
have been able to deal with it were up to their ears in organizing the
ILC2005. Drew has also been extremely helpful and gracious in helping
us move the ALU wiki content back to the ALU site.

The new wiki is running on new wiki software, Kiwi. Kiwi is derived
from Dan Barlow's Cliki software but substantially rewritten and with
a new storage substrate. The rewrite was done by Carl Shapiro of the
ALU (and heroic organizer of the most recent ILC) and an anonymous (to
me anyway) friend of his. The version running now on wiki.alu.org
should have feature parity with Cliki and the following new features:

  * Page namespaces including a namespace for per page discussion
    pages like Mediawiki.

  * More thorough RSS support.

  * Viewable age histories.

  * Better search functionality.

  * CAPTCHAs to help prevent spam

  * The ability to preview edits.

Carl also believes that the new architecture will make it rather
straight-forward to add other features such has expanded RSS support,
a non-HTML "wikitext" syntax, and a system for creating pages that can
be accessed only by registered users.

Stay tuned for an actual release of the Kiwi software in the next
couple of weeks. 

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