[ALU-announce] Bids for ILC-2011

Ernst van Waning evw at infometrics.nl
Tue Nov 24 13:10:16 GMT 2009

Dear Lisper,

It is time to begin preparing for ILC-2011, the International Lisp
Conference 2011.  As a first step, the ALU is soliciting bids for
locations to host this conference.

Right now, the ALU is looking for plausible venues.  Bids should show
what the conference might look like, but not specify how to actually
run it.  A few phone calls may be helpful in getting estimates, but
don't worry about getting details.  Your bid is just a proposal; the
ALU will request more information as bids are being evaluated.
Submitting a bid does not bind you to execute it; the decision to
commit can be made later.

The following outline may be helpful in preparing your bid; points
marked "[detail]" can be skipped in this initial bid.  Bids will be
evaluated by the features of their venue, not by the their length or
literary quality.

* Host city
   - travel time to nearest international airport
   - other ways to arrive
   - [detail] availability and cost (low/med/high) of evening meals
   - estimated conference attendence from local communities
   - [detail] excursions which may be organized for attendees
* Room and board
   - one or two hotels to reserve rooms for at least 100 attendees
   - estimated room cost (single/double occupancy)
   - [detail] number of rooms available
   - internet availability
   - complimentary breakfast available?
   - travel time to the conference facilities
   - [detail] when we need to book, and cancelation policies
* Conference facilities
   - proposed location (a hotel, university, conference center, etc.)
   - room arrangements (one room to seat everyone, side rooms available?)
   - number of seats available in each room
   - [detail] support for multimedia presentations
   - [detail] support for recording sessions
   - internet availability for attendees
   - [detail] estimated facility cost for 4 days (e.g. Sunday to Wednesday)
   - [detail] estimated cost for catered lunch (breakfast?)
   - proposed schedule (e.g. workshop days, presentation days, etc.)
   - [detail] when we need to book, and cancelation policies
* People
   - name and email of main contact person
   - names of others who could help with local arrangements
* General
   - provide websites or other contact information
   - advantages and disadvantages of this venue
   - good and bad dates (e.g. due to availablity, weather, or other events)
   - [detail] other costs (e.g. for a banquet dinner)
   - explain how estimates are made
   - specify the currency used for price estimates

Bids should be sent to ilc11-organizing-committee at alu.org by Monday,
January 4, 2010.  If your bid is incomplete at that time, please send
what you have (maybe with a note about when you will have more

By tradition, consecutive ILCs are not held in the same region.  Thus
bids from the US East Coast will be considered, but other locations
will be favored.

Feel free to propose and organize bids on alu-discuss at alu.org.  Please
do not post details or compare one bid against another until after the
submission deadline.  The goal is to find options, not limit them.

Hosting an ILC requires a significant commitment from the local
organizers.  While the ALU plans to relieve that burden by having
others handle things like the program, certain tasks require local
contacts.  In particular, a local company is created to handle
payments for catering and conference facilities, collect registration
fees, and provide a full account of expenses when the conference is
finished.  This would completely overwhelm a single organizer, so a
local team is necessary.  Preparing a bid together may be a good
teambuilding exercise...

The ALU would like to thank you in advance for each bid to host

Kind regards,

Ernst van Waning

President, Association of Lisp Users

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