[ALU-discuss] ALU and the next ILC

Ernst van Waning evw at infometrics.nl
Wed Oct 28 06:43:46 GMT 2009

Dear Lisper,

The series of International Lisp Conferences, organized by ALU since
2002, have been very successful.  We have visited the US west coast
(ILC02, ILC05), the US east coast (ILC03, ILC09) and England (ILC07).

Before making definite steps in organizing the next ILC, we would like
to know your ideas of where we might best organize it.  Please join us
at ALU-discuss at alu.org and ALU-announce at alu.org and help us choose the
next site.

Hoping to hear,

Kindest regards,

Ernst van Waning,

President, ALU

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