[ALU-discuss] ALU and the next ILC

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Oct 28 13:45:03 GMT 2009

Ernst van Waning wrote:
> Dear Lisper,
> The series of International Lisp Conferences, organized by ALU since
> 2002, have been very successful.  We have visited the US west coast
> (ILC02, ILC05), the US east coast (ILC03, ILC09) and England (ILC07).

All of these locations seem fine to me (as would, e.g., cities in Canada).

In my opinion it's probably what's at the destination in terms of
facilities, a motivated local arrangements chair, and population of
people interested in the topic which is most important rather than location.

I suggest we focus on locations that would be easy for the air traveler
--- i.e., one that is relatively close to a major international airport
so as to avoid people having to do multiple-hop flights.  So, for
example, Monterey, CA, although in some ways an admirable location
(Asilomar conference center) would fail this criterion because it's a
pretty substantial haul away from SFO.



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