[ALU-discuss] Bids for ILC-2011

小出 誠二 s-koide at livedoor.com
Sun Jan 3 02:54:54 GMT 2010

Happy New Year for Lispers!

Daniel mentioned about Japan as candidates of ILC-2011 venue.

The followings are my proposal that was sent last year.

To tell the truth, I am very wondering that you welcome neat but not so
gorgeous accommodation.

Anyway, please check it.



I am wondering that 2011 could be held in Kyoto.

I know only one venue hotel possible we have ILC.

The hotel KYOTO COOP-IN is rather small and not gorgeous but the price is
reasonable and neat enough for us.

It has only 83 single rooms, and 17 twins. The conference rooms are also
equipped, from 63 persons with desk (90 w/o desk), 84(120), 24(30), and the
combination of them.

All devices for conference are available. And the free internet access is
available with cable in every room.

Using this hotel, we do not need to mind the transfer from hotel to
conference site.

However, it is very hard to reserve rooms for almost 100 people especially
in good season like just now (in fall).

It might be available in summer. It is famous for Kyoto of hot summer and no
special event.

If you want to stay a luxurious hotel in Japan, I do not recommend it, but
if you want to enjoy the Kyoto life in short time by reasonable cost, I
recommend it.

The hotel is located at a little bit confusing but a very convenient place
near to NISHIKI SHIJO (market), wonderful market street that I like.



Or, please Google map search with “35.006751,135.764253” through

You can reserve the room from internet.


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