[ilc07-attendees] Association of Lisp Users - Annual Meeting

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Sun Mar 11 07:30:24 PST 2007

                     NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING

The annual meeting of the ALU will take place in room LG18 of the
Faculty of Law, West Road, Cambridge (UK), at 5pm on Tuesday
2007-04-03.  In other words, it'll be in the same place as, and
immediately following on from, the ILC's last speaker for the day.

Anyone who attends ILC 2007, or who is a paid-up member of the ALU, is
cordially invited to attend the meeting and will be entitled to speak
and vote.

This meeting, which takes place at every ILC, is your chance to
influence the direction the ALU will take over the coming year.

The purpose of the meeting shall be as follows:

   a) President's report
   b) report of ALU activities since the last annual meeting
   c) finance report
   d) election of board of directors - see notes below
   e) any other business which the board wishes to place before the
   f) any other business which the members wish to place before the

The meeting will last no more than one hour.

The minutes of the last annual meeting are available on the web, at:


If you are a paid-up ALU member and cannot attend the meeting, you may
appoint a "proxy" to attend, speak and vote on your behalf. If you
wish to do this please send an email before the meeting to
alu-meeting (at) alu (dot) org, or arrange for written notice to be
handed to the chair of the meeting before it starts.

The ALU's full by-laws will be found at:


Election of Directors

The ALU has eight directors. All eight directorships are up for
election at this meeting. Existing directors may stand again.

The directors appoint the ALU's officers, such as President, Secretary
and Treasurer. These officers might be (but don't have to be) chosen
from among the directors; currently there are three officers who are
not directors. The ALU board consists of the directors plus the
officers. The board meets monthly by conference call and is
responsible for running the ALU between one annual meeting and the

Any member of the ALU, and any person attending ILC 2007, may stand as
a director. If you feel that you could contribute to the ALU, we
explicitly invite you to stand for election.

If you would like to stand as a director of the ALU then you may - if
you wish - write a few sentences about such matters as: yourself, your
involvement in the lisp community, and the direction you'd like the
ALU to take over the next year or so. Mail this to alu-meeting (at)
alu (dot) org no later than Monday 2007-03-26, and it will be
distributed to members and delegates before the conference starts.
Nominations for directors will be taken at the meeting itself and it
is not necessary for potential directors to have written something
about themselves in advance.

Nick Levine
(on behalf of the board)

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