[ilc07-attendees] ILC 2007 - final arrangements

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Mon Mar 12 09:52:08 PST 2007

This email is important. It tells you what to do right now, and what
to do when you arrive in Cambridge.

Have a safe journey, and we look forward to seeing you here in
Cambridge at the beginning of April.

Nick Levine
ILC 2007 Local Chair

Things To Do NOW

Name badges

If you haven't already supplied a URL and organization for your name
badge and would now like to do so, visit


and enter the payment code which you received when you completed your
registration. (The code will be 19 characters uppercase alphanumeric
if you registered through Paypal, either 10 or 11 characters lowercase
alphanumeric if you didn't. If you've got more than one code then
either will do. If you've mislaid your code drop us an email and we'll
sort you out.)

Extended tutorial: Common Lisp in one day

You are asked to register in advance your intention to attend this
tutorial, so that we can plan for numbers. Send mail to
ilc07-extended-tutorial at alu.org


No promises, but...

If you will be staying in Cambridge with your partner on the Tuesday
evening but not in college accommodation (i.e. so we don't already
know about them), then please drop a line to
ilc07-organizing-committee at alu.org and tell us their name, and let us
know if they are vegetarian or have any other dietary requirements. If
both funds and space in the dining hall permit, we would like to
invite partners to the banquet. We won't know about this until nearer
the time.

If you and your partner will be here with children, please let us
know. Depending on their age (and, as above, on numbers) it might be
appropriate for them to join us at the banquet. Alternatively, we
might be able to locate someone local (and who speaks the same
language as your children) to look after them. Let us know how we can

Planned absence

Please drop us a line if you happen to know that there's a day for
which you're registered but you won't actually be here. This'll help
us control our costs a little. Thanks.

When You Get Here


See http://www.international-lisp-conference.org/2007/images/college-map.jpg
for a map of Clare College.

See http://www.clare.cam.ac.uk/about/map-1.html for a different map of
Clare, also showing Trinity Hall. The Law building is under the #\W of
"SIDGWICK" at the lower left corner.

See http://www.cam.ac.uk/map/v4/drawmap.cgi?mp=sidg;xx=373;yy=225;mt=c
for how to locate the Law Faculty once you've got close to it.

If you have access to Google Earth, take a look at


Please come to registration at the beginning of your first morning at
the conference. Note that we can't deal with accommodation keys there
- you'll get these from the porters at Memorial Court.

Registration on Sunday will be in the lobby of the Trinity Hall
Lecture Theatre.

Registration for Monday through Wednesday will be in the "lower ground
floor" of the Law Faculty.

Location of Tutorials

The Sunday tutorials will be in Trinity Hall. This is another college
and it's immediately next to Clare (come out of the front gate of Old
Court, turn left, walk about 20 metres).

There will be signposts to direct you from the entrance of Trinity
Hall to the registration area outside the Lecture Theatre.

Depending on numbers we may move the "Common Lisp in one day" tutorial
back into Clare (Latimer Room, in Old Court). If this is going to
happen we'll let you know when you register.

Location of Talks

All the talks (Monday through Wednesday) will be in room LG18 in the
Faculty of Law, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DZ.

To get there from Memorial Court: walk through the court in the
direction away from Old Court / the river / town centre. You'll find
yourself looking up at the University Library.


Turn left in front of the library and walk along its access
road. After less than five minutes you'll come to West Road. Cross
over and keep going, between a couple of newish buildings. Law will
then be on your left and looks like this:


You may find http://www.law.cam.ac.uk/about_directions.php helpful in
locating Law if you're coming from somewhere else. See also the maps
section above.

Go into the building and down the stairs in front of you. The
registration tables will be on your left, and access to the meeting
room is through the doors at the back of the hall.

Conference accommodation

This is in Clare College Memorial Court in Queen's Road. Go to the
"porters lodge" - on your left at the entrance to the building - and
tell them who you are. This is separate from conference registration
which you should do at the beginning of your first morning at ILC.

Rooms will be available from 2pm on the day you arrive. If you get
there early and your room isn't ready yet, ask the porters nicely if
you can leave your baggage with them.

There are phones in all the rooms. You'll need to purchase a card from
the porters if you want to make outgoing calls.

Please hand your key back to the porters before 9:30am on your day of
departure. Keys not returned will cost the conference 20 pounds each
(ouch), so please don't fly home with them. Again, you should be able
to leave baggage with the porters for a few hours if you need to.

The porters are on duty 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency,
they'll be a good place to start.

Down To Business


This will be published at
http://www.international-lisp-conference.org/2007/schedule as soon as
it's available.

Internet Access

We are not authorised to connect to the Law Faculty's network. We are
planning to bring an XP laptop and a 3G card, to allow for online "on
the door" registrations. Anyone who'd like to set up a small wireless
network using this laptop as a gateway might care to conspire about it
over the ilc07-local mailing list. 

We're hoping that full wireless internet service will be available in
Trinity Hall (tutorials day).

It sounds like the wireless reception in Memorial Court is variable,
depending on what room you're in. Three possibilities:

* There is good wireless reception in the Library Common Room (LCR) in
  the building in the middle of Memorial Court. Good place for
  relaxing etc: TV, newspapers, etc. Ask the porters if you want to
  use it.

* The "Gate House" is a small building at the far entrance to Memorial
  Court (University Library end). It'll be quieter in there and better
  for serious work. Wireless access plus 8 wired. Ask the porters for
  an access card.

* There are two "computer suites" on K staircase. Ask the porters for
  an access card (different to the card for the Gate House), a
  username and a password.

Anyone with an industrial strength wireless amplifier might care to
bring it along and do something socially useful with it.

If all else fails, Cambridge is stuffed with internet cafes.



All buildings associated with the conference operate a strict
no-smoking policy.

If you smoke outside please dispose of the evidence afterwards.


Breakfast is provided for everybody in accommodation. Breakfast will
be served from 7:45am on Sunday; from the earlier time of 7:15 on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; and from 7:45 on Thursday.

Lunch is provided for everybody attending the conference. 

Breakfast and lunch will both be served in the college Buttery, which
is in the Old Court (over the river from the conference

It's about a 10 minutes walk to the Buttery from the Law Faculty where
the talks are (and about 5 minutes from Memorial Court).

If you're vegetarian or suffer from food allergies, and haven't told
us about it, please do so as soon as possible.


Coffee and biscuits will be served mid-morning each day. Tea and -
with luck - cakes will be served mid-afternoon. On Sunday (tutorials)
all this will be in the registration area outside the Lecture Theatre
in Trinity Hall. On the other days it'll be in the Law Faculty.

More food

If you're at the conference on Tuesday, you are cordially invited to
the conference banquet. This will be from 7:30pm in the college's
Great Hall (Old Court). Smart dress optional. (Cost is included with
Tuesday's registration.) 

More drink

The college bar will be open from 6:30pm on Tuesday evening, to allow
people to unwind before the banquet. A certain amount of wine will be
provided free with the meal but once it's run out you'll have to go
back to the bar for more.

Outside The Conference

Grounds and gardens

The Clare College "Fellows Garden" (walking towards Old Court from
Queens Road, it's on your left shortly before you cross the river) is
open to everyone attending the conference. This can be truly
magnificent and is well worth a visit.

Please do not walk on the grass in Clare Old Court.

Pre-conference breakfast

If you're in Cambridge on Saturday morning (March 31st), you're very
welcome to join the local chair for breakfast at Tishkas cafe, 70
Chesterton Road. I will aim to get there at around 9am.


I cannot speak too highly of their bacon and egg baguettes.


The punting / walking tour will start at 2pm on Saturday March
31st. Meet outside the front of Memorial Court. Don't be late!  We'll
cross over to Scudamore's punt hire on Silver Street and spend about
an hour on the river, going downstream as far as Magdalene College and
then back. We'll be met on Silver Street bridge by our guides for the
walking part of the tour at 3:30pm.

The full day tour will start at 10:30am on Thursday 5th. Hang around
the front of Memorial Court. Don't be late! Bring money for lunch,
gift shops, etc.

We won't be put off by a spot of rain. Dress accordingly.

There are still places available on both tours. Drop a line to
ilc07-organizing-committee at alu.org if you want to join one of them.

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