[ilc07-attendees] Further final arrangements

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Wed Mar 21 08:52:14 PST 2007

A few supplementary notes which you might find useful:

0. Other final arrangements

These were posted to this list last week. If you've joined since then,
you'll find them by going to:


1. Additional tutorial

We're delighted that Edi Weitz has agreed to present a tutorial at
ILC, on "Building dynamic websites with Common Lisp using Hunchentoot
and CL-WHO". See:


for details.

2. Breakout sessions

We have booked a room (the "Runcie Room") in the Faculty of Divinity
(about one minutes walk from Law, where all the talks are) which is
free for use by anyone wanting to run any form of breakout session or

This room has wireless internet, so if you have a sudden
I-must-read-email-now crisis you can work through it there.

The Runcie Room is available until 4:30 pm each day. 

3. If you absolutely _must_ bring a car into Cambridge...

There is some strictly limited parking available. It has to be
arranged in advance. Send us email.

4. Downtime

This is a list I compiled a couple of months ago, for someone who's
bringing a partner to the conference, of things to do in Cambridge
other than going to ILC 2007.

* Museums (Fitzwilliam for art, Kettles Yard for modern art and
  adjacent to that is the Folk Museum, Zoologican museum, Archaeology,
  Geology, Whipple museum of Science, ...)

* Locate the Botanic gardens. Walk round the colleges and get into
  their chapels and gardens if possible. Clare is excellent and we
  have access to it. Walk up the river to Grantchester (where there is
  "honey still for tea"). Walk down the river to Fen Ditton.

* Climb Great St Marys tower. Have tea in Aunties Tea Shop nearby when
  you come down. Listen to Gt St Marys bells on Sunday morning (about

* The market (mainly produce on weekdays, very different on Sundays
  with more gifts etc and thus well worth a visit). A couple of
  shopping centres.

* Go book shopping (Cambridge University Press / Heffers for technical
  books). Count the book shops.

* Get on a train to London. About 20 pounds for off-peak "travelcard"
  which gives access to London Underground too. Twice an hour, takes
  45 minutes.

* 3 cinemas, one of which shows a program of "Arts" films, 3 or 4
  theatres. Concerts everywhere (look on the railings in the town
  centre for details of what's coming up), including the odd lunchtime

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