[ilc07-attendees] Final final arrangements

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Tue Mar 27 04:44:48 PST 2007

0. Previous final arrangements

These were posted to this list in two installments over the last
couple of weeks. If you've joined the list since then, you can find
them by going to:


1. Blog till you drop

During the conference we imagine a lot of attendees will be blogging,
posting photos, twittering and updating their websites.  Anyone who
doesn't have their own site, or prefers not to use it, can use the
ilc07 group blog we have set up on Blogger, http://ilc07.blogspot.com/
- contact bill at andfinally.com and ask for authorisation. You'll need a
working gmail account but this can be a throwaway one.

If you are posting elsewhere it would be really helpful if you tagged
material with "ilc07" so that we can find it more easily, and so that
after the event we have a straightforward way of pulling it all
together on the conference website.

Items can be tagged in Flickr or on your blog using the tools provided
with the software.  If you are a Flickr user then please join the
group http://www.flickr.com/groups/ilc07/ and tag your photos "ilc07".

For everything in the known universe (it says here) tagged "ilc07",
visit http://www.technorati.com/tag/ilc07; for more information on how
Technorati handles tags go to http://technorati.com/help/tags.html

If you write anything about the conference, or spot relevant postings
elsewhere, please tag it "ilc07" on del.icio.us.

2. Early registration

If you're around early Saturday evening, you're welcome to pick up
your conference materials then and avoid the stampede on Sunday.

Come to the "Library Common Room" in Clare Memorial Court (in the
building in the middle of the court) between 6 and 7pm.

This session is for "pre-paid" registrations only; we won't be set up
to take money off people who haven't yet registered until Sunday

3. Early checkin

If you're staying in Memorial Court on Saturday night and are booked
onto the Saturday afternoon tour, your room should be ready for you at
the earlier time of 1pm.

Whether or not you're on the tour, it's possible that your room might
be ready as early as midday. No promises.

4. Room switches

We currently have ten people due to switch rooms from en-suite to
standard towards the end of their stay. Go to the porters lodge at
breakfast time on the day you move, ask for the key to your new room,
move your stuff, and finally (please!) return the old key.

5. Group photo

A first for International Lisp Conferences?

Local pohotographer Nigel Luckhurst will hang out of a window
somewhere near the Law building shortly after the beginning of the
Tuesday lunch break and record an image of 120+ lispers for
posterity. This photgraph will be avaliable for free downloading off
the conference website.

6. Something to celebrate

Registrations have gone so well that we've filled the hall where the
banquet's taking place on Tuesday evening. Everybody who's registered
so far (before 2007-03-27) is guaranteed their place, but we can't
take any more. That's the price of success.

Drinks at the banquet: there'll be bottles of red and white wine, also
still / sparkling water, on the tables when you arrive. When these are
gone, you can ask for more. Ah, but there's a budget and when that's
all used up you'll have to go down to the bar and buy your own.

7. Weather

Looks like it's going to do us a favour, with daytime highs predicted
in the 12-16 Celsius range. Many trees are coming into full blossom
this week and Cambridge is promising to look at its best.

Passangers for the punting tour on Saturday should note though that
you can feel a little chilly on the river, what with the wind factor
and wotnot.


I declare that this is it. Anything I haven't said yet can wait for
the weekend. Have a safe trip.

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