[ilc07-attendees] Summer of Code Proposal Review!

Heow Eide-Goodman spamtrap at alphageeksinc.com
Fri Mar 30 07:10:46 PST 2007

Just like back in the good olde days of the '05 conference, Google's
Summer of Code is timed during the ILC conference.

This means we'll have the opportunity to review some of the proposals
and also choose which we feel are doable and important to the
Lisp/Scheme community.

I'll be bringing several copies along and will organize a round-table
inwhich to get some feedback.

FYI, here are the titles up for review:

  Metaobject Sealing for CLOS 
  NXTLisp - a Commo by Lisp library for the NXT Mindstorms platform
  Purely Functional Data Struc by res in Common Lisp
  Gsharp interchange
  Music interchange format support for Gsharp
  Enhancing Exscribe
  CLSH - Common Lisp Shell
  CLAPPA - Common Lisp Application Archive
  CL-ObjC. A bridge between Common Lisp and Objective-C
  Enhanche Exscribe
  MultiCells - a Cells extension for multithreaded programming
  The XCLP Project: Extend Allegro Webactions to enhance usefulness,
scalability, and W3C compliance.
  CL-OPT :: Start a comprehensive optimization package in Common Lisp
  Artificial Neural Network Framework
  Nuff - the Network Universal Frame Forge
  CL-QC - a tool for automatic testing of Lisp programs
  CLOS with Traits and Classboxes
  CLOS-QA - quality analysis tool for object oriented Lisp programs
  Implementing DAUTI in Common Lisp
  A Common Lisp GUI Jabber library with Celtk
  Celtk Jabber client
  Lisp-matrix: linear algebra in Lisp


- Heow

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