[ilc07-attendees] ILC 2007 fallout

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Wed May 9 04:23:33 PDT 2007

Some brief notes about post-conference goodies:

1. Audio recordings of all talks are now available on the conference
   website. Grovel around under


2. Some but by no means all speakers have sent us their slides. If you
   haven't yet sent us the slides from your talk, please mail them to

   ilc07-program-committee at alu.org

   as soon as possible. When the deluge stops I'll do some uploading.

3. The list of people who attended the conference and were happy for
   their names to be published can be found at


   If you were at ILC and want your name added to (or removed from)
   this list, drop me an email.

4. A word of caution about the t-shirts: the pictures on the front of
   some of the t-shirts have shown signs of lifting off the material
   very readily. To avoid this, I recommend ironing the image from
   behind, as hot as you think you can get away with. My apologies for
   this lapse in quality; the manufacturers didn't use the agreed
   process to create the images and didn't tell me that they'd
   switched, and by the time I found out about this there simply
   wasn't time to do anything about it. (And by the time I found out
   about the images coming apart, the conference was long over and
   everybody had gone home.)

5. For the record: 29 blogs of the conference plus 366 photos are
   accessible via


   Most of these blogs (plus others? dunno, haven't checked) also
   appeared on Planet Lisp and a "metasummry" will be found at


All for now.

- nick

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