[intra-lisp-group] Fwd: presentations vs not

Brandon J. Van Every bvanevery at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 10:56:40 PST 2007

Patrick X wrote:
> I be thinking of doing one at our local Linux Users Group meeting, but
> wondering would an introduction to lisp and it's history be a good
> subject or common lisp for web development.
> That's the question that got me stump, and hopefully it could spark
> some interest in Lisp.

Intro to Lisp is appropriate for a non-Lisp crowd.  It would bore a Lisp 

I'd like to hear a deeper history of Lisp.  I'm historically minded.  
Liberal Arts degree and all that.  :-)

The web bores me to death.  Considering how popular the web is, I'm sure 
people would attend such a talk though.

This doesn't strike me as a thinking issue.  Just do something.  Over 
time you could do all 3 of 'em.

Brandon Van Every

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