[intra-lisp-group] ABQ Lisp/Scheme get-together

Jim Prewett download at hpc.unm.edu
Thu Sep 27 17:46:24 PDT 2007

I'm embarking on a little 'community building'.  I'd like to get a group 
of Lisp (Common Lisp and Scheme) users in Albuquerque.  I'm wondering if 
people here can give me ideas on how to get started.

I would like to have some regular (monthly?  I'm not exactly sure) 
get-together to show off cool projects people are working on or with and 
talk about hacking Lisp.

I've made a mailman mailing list for us to discuss having such a meetup.  
so far, i've gotten 12 people to sign up for the mailing list. 
(http://mailer.hpc.unm.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/abqlispscheme)  I've 
also gotten permisson from the UNM High Performance Computing Center to 
use their space for such a meeting.


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