[Uk-lispers] Pub session frequency?

Dave Pearson davep at davep.org
Wed Feb 26 07:53:32 PST 2003

* Ingvar <ingvar at cathouse.bofh.se> [2003-02-26 14:49:39 +0000]:

> Dave Pearson wrote:
> > As someone who happened to see mention of this list in passing, could
> > you be so kind as to outline what a "pub session" is? Yes, I know what a
> > pub is ($DEITY knows I've had the odd session in one <g>) I'm just
> > wondering what and where one is in regard to Lisping in the UK.
> Well, what happened at the last one was "peopel sat around and talked
> about stuff and beer was drunk". The most visible result is, I think, this
> mailing list.

I'd sort of gathered that much, apologies if I wasn't clear enough. I was
rather thinking more about the what (as in, "what's the aim?", "having a
chat" seems like a good enough answer) and the where (as in, "the UK is
reasonably large so did you have any specific areas in mind in your initial
email?", or is the idea to get people in different areas to organise local

In other words, is the frequency question about a specific "pub session" and
where did you have in mind?

Dave Pearson

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