[Uk-lispers] Pub session frequency?

Tim Bradshaw tfb at cley.com
Wed Feb 26 08:18:55 PST 2003

* Christophe Rhodes wrote:

> Tim Bradshaw (dunno if he's on this list yet, so I've Cced him --
> apologies if you get this twice :-) mentioned on comp.lang.lisp that
> he would be in Cambridge in the week starting 3rd March.  Given that
> this is quite far from his usual Devon and Edinburgh haunts, maybe it
> would be good to meet up then?  Tim?

I'm not on the list but would not object to being so.

I'm indeed going to be in Cambridge all/most of next week and should
be free most evenings (not monday, probably not friday, so actually
tue/wed/thur only).  I'm not quite sure where I am staying yet but
cambridge is small enough I guess that I can get anywhere.  I'd
definitely be interested in meeting people.


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