[Uk-lispers] Oxford, Wednesday 26th

Daniel Barlow dan at telent.net
Mon Mar 24 09:09:37 PST 2003

Michael Hudson <mwh at python.net> writes:

> Christophe Rhodes <csr21 at cam.ac.uk> writes:
>> So it looks like I'll be in Oxford with some time to kill on Wednesday
>> evening.  Now I know that Dan Barlow's there, but just possibly there
>> might be some other people in the area... if there are such, could
>> they make their presence known, and we'll arrange to meet up?
> Um, er, maybe.  I'm in Bristol but a bit of luck on the trains can get
> me to Oxford in an hour or so.  What did you have in mind?

Past London events mostly involved drinking beer wile talking about
things tangentially related to computers.  Past Cambridge events, I
believe, may have involved a little less beer and a little more Lisp
in the conversation.  The nearest precedent for an Oxford event
involved Christophe and Dan talking about SBCL internals over coffee
in Blackwell's.  

So, they tend to be shaped by whoever turns up.



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