[Uk-lispers] Oxford, Wednesday 26th

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Mar 24 09:36:46 PST 2003

Daniel Barlow <dan at telent.net> writes:

> The nearest precedent for an Oxford event
> involved Christophe and Dan talking about SBCL internals over coffee
> in Blackwell's.  

Heh, yes.

I'm probably not going to arrive in Oxford until about 6:30 or so,
depending on trains (Cambridge->London->Oxford; that sucks).  Since
you're more local than the rest of us, Dan, would you care to nominate
a suitable establishment?  After suffering BritishNetworkRailTrack for
the best part of three hours, I imagine I'd be in the mood for a drink
in any case...

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