[Uk-lispers] Oxford, Wednesday 26th

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Mar 26 06:41:30 PST 2003

Daniel Barlow <dan at telent.net> writes:

>> It looks like I can reasonably arrive at about 6 or about 7.  Killing
>> time in Oxford is not hard, so long as the bookshops are open...
> Borders will be, at least.  Waterstones probably.  Blackwells I think
> still closes at 6.
> So we're meeting at Far From The Madding Crowd, which pub I have
> carefully selected for being on a street (Friar's Entry) which neither
> Streetmap or Multimap show particularly clearly.

A bit of effort with google yields a postcode, though.

[snip directions]

Thanks!  This isn't totally unfamiliar territory for me, luckily.

> Christophe says he'll be there about 6:30.

I think I'll get the train that arrives ~17:50 and will try to get to
the pub about 18:30 too.  If I don't recognise anyone I'll wave my
ibook about or something.

> Give me a call if you get lost : +44 7961 301860

s/lost/lost or stuck at didcot parkway for three hours/ I fear, but
thanks!  See you later.

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