[Uk-lispers] Teemu Kalvas in UK

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Fri May 2 04:39:53 PDT 2003


   Teemu Kalvas is making a visit to the UK, and will be in Cambridge
   on the 5th May.  Despite the fact that this is a bank holiday, I
   propose that we meet for a drink at the Free Press at 7:00 or so,
   for convivial chat.


Roger Corman <http://www.cormanlisp.com/> will also be in Cambridge
next week, on Thursday and Friday (8th and 9th). I was intending to
propose a "Cambridge lispers" meeting with Roger one of those evenings
(or maybe the Wednesday - I don't know exactly when he'll be coming
into town).

Why don't we combine the two?

Roger / Teemu: how flexible are your plans?

- nick

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