[Uk-lispers] Teemu Kalvas in UK

Roger Corman roger at corman.net
Sun May 4 17:11:07 PDT 2003

This sounds good to me. As long as somebody will be there, I will be
glad to meet up at the Green Man on the May 7 (at 7:00 PM). My wife (as
well as business partner) Frances will be there with me.

We will be staying at:

Name:    Citadines Aparthotel Holborn/Covent Garden
Tel:     0207 395 8800                  Fax: 02073958799

If somebody needs to reach me there (for a reschedule, change of
location etc.) you should be able to get me via the hotel beginning May
6. I will also be checking my email (barring some unforeseen problem
getting on line in London).

I am very much looking forward to meeting up with some fellow
programmers while in the UK.


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Daniel Barlow <dan at telent.net> writes:

> Teemu Kalvas <tjtk2 at cam.ac.uk> writes:
>> We could all do London (The Green Man, probably) on the 6th or the 
>> 7th then.  It takes me only about 45 minutes to get there from 
>> Reading as opposed to Cambridge which is almost 3 hours.
> I'd be interested in a London meet.  Either date is good.

Well, given Roger's preference for the 7th, why don't we do that? 7:00
or so, in the basement section of the Green Man (by Great Portland St.
underground station).

Teemu (and others): if you're in Cambridge anyway tomorrow, I'm happy to
meet up at the Free Press at 7ish nonetheless.


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