[Uk-lispers] London pub-meet proposal (thursday June 12th or 19th)

Daniel Barlow dan at telent.net
Fri Jun 6 12:07:28 PDT 2003

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Donald Fisk <hibou00000 at enterprise.net> writes:

> Ingvar wrote:
>> Therefore, I think it's time for a new one. Tomorrow is a bit short notice,
>> so I'd propose next week or the week after.
>> Comments? Place suggestions? I guess we could go for Green Man again
>> or try another place, whatever peopel are most happy with.
> 19th's better for me.   Green Man's fine.

Any other takers?

There are two things I'd like to do on the topic of uk-lispers:

First: although the pub meets are a welcome opportunity to meet people
of an evening and talk about fairly tangential topics, I think it'd
also be interesting to have a little more technical content.

Who would be interested in/willing to give, for example

 (a) pre-prepared presentations (optionally involving slides or ohp or
 similar) on Lisp-related topics

 (b) less formal ten minute stand-up-and-tell-people-what-you're-doing

Option (a) would involve finding a more suitable venue, which I can't
really help with, not being actually based in London.  Offers of
office conference rooms or what-have-you would be useful.  (b) could
be attempted in the pub - even combined with alcohol - but might need
a slightly quieter pub or area thereof than we were in last month.
(For those who weren't present last month, the downstairs was booked
by a private party so we had to sit upstairs)

Second: it would be good to publicise these meetings more widely and
try to draw people in (my ideas for targets: London.pm (Perl users),
London/Oxford Linux user groups, ox.ac.uk AI Society, etc).  Of
course, it would be a more compelling evening out for these people if
they had some idea in advance what would be happening.

What say you all?

- -dan

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