[Uk-lispers] Possible venue with presentation equipments, quick report

Ingvar ingvar at cathouse.bofh.se
Thu Jul 17 04:35:00 PDT 2003

OK, I've actually remembered to ask at the pub I frequent after fencing and 
they said, basically:

 * Yep, getting a function room for a one-off is doable and is chargeable, 
   with up to UKP 200 (the exact sum depends on how much beer is consumed and 
   normal customer load on the day we go for it).

 * Yep, we can have a standing, recurring booking, if we want. This means 
   charge goes down, based on "normal consumption2 and "regular event"

 * Yep, there's projectors, {white/black}boards, flip charts and assorted 
   other things.

There's a choice of either having delivery at the table or go to the bar. 
Either a single tab or separate tabs. They're happy to take a down-payment the 
first time and base things on what happens. I think "table service" is a Good 
Choice the first time, so the venue gets a chance to see what's likely to 

The venue I've checked is "Crosse keys" on Gracechurch Street, easy walking 
distance from Bank.


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