[Uk-lispers] Joining forces w/ Scheme UK

Noel Welsh noelwelsh at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 06:42:30 PST 2004

--- Christophe Rhodes <csr21 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> I think this is a good idea -- you know, persecuted
> minorities banding together and all that.

Yeah, that's the general idea =)

> I suspect that there will be a market for at least a
> uk-lispers
> meeting, possibly more, towards the end of this
> month or the start of
> next month; some of us probably have talks we could
> recycle (not
> presented to most other uk-lispers, but "in the
> wild" as it were) if
> that were deemed suitable

So far no-one on the Scheme UK list has volunteered to
talk, so the next Scheme UK meeting is open to whoever
wants to take the floor.  Meeting are the first
Wednesday of the month, so the 3rd of March, but this
can be modified to suit the schedule of the speaker.

Unfortunately I'll be away for a fortnight up-to and
including this meeting, so I suggest any volunteers
either email the Scheme UK list (Subscription: email
schemeuk-request at towers.org.uk) of one of the many
Schemers at LShift (matthias or davidi @lshift.net
should be able to help).


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