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Noel Welsh noelwelsh at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 01:16:07 PDT 2004

--- Donald Fisk <hibou at onetel.com> wrote:

> The language was invented by Bob Kowalski in 1974 and
> first implemented by Alain Colmerauer in 1973.

An inability to handle state, and hence time, is a common
criticism of functional and logic language.  But it looks
like this version of Prolog licked the problem! 

(You are correct -- a quick Google reveals the ideas behind
Prolog germinated at Edinburgh but the first implementation
was at Marseilles)

> Pop2 and its successor Pop11 were developed at Edinburgh,
> though, and the de-facto standard dialect of Prolog (but
> not the language itself).

Cool.  I didn't know that.


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