[Uk-lispers] Proposal for 2005

Noel Welsh noelwelsh at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 06:17:51 PST 2005

Hi all,

There will not be a meeting this January, as nothing has
been arranged in time.  We had 9 meetings last year.  This
isn't bad but I'd ideally like to have >= 12 meetings, and
especially to arrange them further in advance -- a lot of
meetings were only announced a week or two before they took
place.  Hence I propose a different way of organising
meetings for this year:

I would like everyone to email me (or the mailing list) a
list of topics and speakers they'd be interested in
If you are willing to talk on any topic please include that
as well.  I will then invite speakers to give talks.  I
don't feel that talks have to be explicitly about Scheme.
Anything that touches on the theory or practice of
is good.  The only restriction I think we should have is
that speakers know enough about Scheme or functional
programming to engage in a meaningful conversation with the
rest of the group.

To get the ball rolling here is a short list:


  - compilation of Scheme: basics and neat tricks

  - AOP -- is it just MOP for the Java crowd?

  - practical issues in using Scheme: what works, what

  - software engineering practice in general

  - anything interesting from computer science, AI,
  biological computing or computer based art


  - those behind Converge: http://convergepl.org/ (for
  controversy read http://tratt.net/laurie/bliki/)

  - Nic Ferrier (has some views on practical use of 

  - random LShifties (David, Matthias, Mike, Tony) on 
  various interesting projects they are involved in

  - John Kozak (IIRC has promised to talk about designing  
  hardware w/ Scheme)


Email: noelwelsh <at> yahoo <dot> com
AIM: noelhwelsh

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