[Uk-lispers] Re: London Lispers

Ingvar ingvar at cathouse.bofh.se
Tue Feb 22 07:53:41 PST 2005

Christophe writes: 
> [ uk-lispers: context at the bottom ]
> Bill Clementson <bill_clementson at yahoo.com> writes:
> > Patrick is from Ireland and I also have a limited
> > number of London contacts. Looks like the pressure is
> > on Christophe. ;-)
> Heh -- I've only relatively recently moved, and haven't yet
> established a set of drinking haunts -- particularly not on Saturdays.

The George Inn? Near London Bridge tube. I'll see if I can rustle up a 
suitable link...


> > Actually, Christophe, have you contacted any other
> > London lispers who might be interested in coming?
> > Doesn't Daniel Barlow work in London too? If you
> > haven't spoken to him yet, I'll send him an email
> > invite.
> I've Cced uk-lispers on this -- for those who are lacking context,
> Bill Clementson is coming over from the States for a little, and in
> addition to attending the schemers-uk talk next Wednesday is proposing
> meeting up for a drink at the weekend following, on Saturday 5th
> March.  We're short of a venue for that, so even if you don't intend
> to come along, feel free to suggest a nice place in London for a drink
> -- not too loud, not too trendy :-)

Since I expect bangers to be too small and I know that the Green Man has now 
cvhanged ownership again (and steadily become less good with each shift), I 
have now suggested somewhere. It is probably not ideal, but they have decent 
beer and isn't too hard to get to (approx 5 minute walk from London Bridge 
tube, if memory serves me right). No idea how busy it gets on Saturdays or 
Sundays, though.

//ingvar (may, possibly, have to work)

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