[Uk-lispers] Lisp work based in Cambridge, UK

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Tue Nov 29 01:32:01 PST 2005

Ravenbrook has a couple of Lisp-based consulting opportunities, and is
looking for a number of strong Lispers for medium to long term

One project is for maybe two or three years, full-time, paying about
6-7K GBP per month net of our cut.  The other is less clear-cut at
present, a few months to start with, maybe more downstream, and may be
more lucrative.  Team work, with Ravenbrook's usual strong emphasis on
requirements focus and evolutionary delivery.

We're in Cambridge UK, and will only consider people prepared to spend
a significant percentage of their working time in our office (at
least, say, one day per week, or one week per month).  There's a small
amount of travel on both projects.

- nick

+44 (0)1223 519 215

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