[uk-lispers] Time for a pub-meet again?

Ingvar ingvar at hexapodia.net
Fri Oct 13 06:19:25 PDT 2006

It's been a while, my machine has had a few more crashes since the 
uk-lispers list moved to ALU and it's (but I repeat myself) been a while since 
we last met.

After some idle chatting with Christophe, I've decided that it's time to 
remedy at least the "been a while" bit. So I suggest we meet at "The Ledger 
Building" at West India Quay on Tuesday October 31st, aiming for about 7 PM 
(or possibly earlier, I work not too far away, so may well be there for about 
6, 6:30).

Full details of the pub can be found at:


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