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My name is Blake Southwood and I'm the founder of Brontosaurus

I have recruited smart MBAs and 2 lawyers to work on the business plan
and right now I'm in the midst of trying in vein to recruit lisp
programmers for a software project to create high level machine

The other aspect of the project involves designing three programming
languages and creating in essence a baby Hal that will make machine
thinking more intelligent with a growing vocabulary and knowledge

If there are any interested people in this Lisp software project I
would be very grateful if you could alert others in the lisp group to
join the project. We have a yahoo group called Project_Tahoe but we
have yet to get any lisp programmers.

The Catch-22 is that we can't pay programmers till we get funding and
we can't get funding till we get some working software that will
demonstrate the capabilities of the software. The ultimate goal is to
create an algorithm engine that assembles chunks of code together in C

The lisp programmers can telecommute and the company right now has hit
a seemingly insurmountable roadblock which is the lack of
demonstrateable software that represents a small piece of the puzzle
of our ambitions.

If interested parties would like to join our yahoo group to learn more
about the project all they have to do is email me.

All parties that help make the working prototype would

be compensated royally upon gaining funding and they would also be
offered a full-time or part-time job that meets with their
lifestyle. And they would be able to continue to telecommute which all
great programmers seem to prefer.

Thank you,
Blake Southwood
Brontosaurus Software
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