[uk-lispers] Cambridge lispers dinner Monday 2008-01-07

Phil Armitage philip.armitage at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 13:27:29 PST 2007

Seeing as us sophisticates from London seem unable to organise our own
meetings, may we crash yours if we leave our pin-stripes and bowler
hats at home?


On 12/12/2007, Nick Levine <ndl at ravenbrook.com> wrote:
> Klaus Harbo <http://www.cl-user.net/asp/persons/kharbo> will be
> passing through Cambridge on Monday 2008-01-07 and has expressed an
> interest in dining with fellow lispers. I said I'd try to herd some
> people together.
> It's been a long time since the last lisp dinner in Cambridge. The
> tradition used to be that we would eat at the Free Press (at the time,
> more or less the only smoke-free pub in town) but I guess we're less
> constrained now. Unlike our more sophisticated cousins in London, we
> never to my knowledge bothered arranging speakers and stuff - we just
> met and gossiped.
> Anyone interested? Suggestions for venue?
> - nick
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Phil Armitage

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