[uk-lispers] Wandering Author

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Wed Feb 6 02:20:08 PST 2008

Peter Seibel <peter at gigamonkeys.com> will be in the UK for three days
in March. He'll be in Cambridge on Thursday and Friday (20th and 21st)
and flies out from Heathrow on Saturday evening.

1. Peter's flight arrives at Heathrow at 10:30pm on the Wednesday and
   I've suggested to him that it'll be too late to get up to Cambridge
   that night and he should consider staying in London. Does anyone
   with easy access to Kings Cross fancy putting him up for the
   night. Probably arriving between midnight and 1am.

   Failing that, can any Londoners recommend somewhere serviceable and
   reasonably cheap (again, with access to Kings Cross) where Peter
   can stay?

2. Does anyone fancy dinner with Peter in Cambridge on Thursday
   evening? The Free Press served us well enough last time, but
   tradition has it that we are supposed to haggle before agreeing to
   go back there.

3. Can anyone put Peter up in Cambridge Thursday and/or Friday nights?

4. Anyone fancy doing anything on Friday afternoon / evening (Peter
   has expressed an interest in a genuine Britich "pub crawl")?

- nick

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