[uk-lispers] Wandering Author

Ingvar ingvar at hexapodia.net
Wed Feb 6 09:29:24 PST 2008

Marcin Tustin writes:
> If flying into heathrow at that hour, another option is just to use an
> airport hotel, and proceed from there in the morning well-rested.
> Also, nationalrail.co.uk tells me that the last train out of Kings Cross is
> the 0007, arriving 0139. May be feasible.

With a 22:30 quoted landing time, it's probably going to be abput 23:30 when 
Peter can get onto the Heathrow Express. That delivers him at Paddington at 
(optimistically) 23:45 (probably later) and that gives at most 22 minutes to 
get from Paddington to King's Cross. I would fully expect that to fail, via 
cab, via tube or via anything short of a stand-by helicopter ride.

I suspect that either an airport hotel (expensive), a hotel closer in towards 
London or someone offering a spare bed or couhc is a more realistic plan.

//Ingvar (have tried to get across central London late at night before)

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