[uk-lispers] Wandering Author

Ingvar ingvar at hexapodia.net
Wed Feb 6 22:42:25 PST 2008

Peter Seibel writes:
> Ingvar wrote:
> > Marcin Tustin writes:
> >> If flying into heathrow at that hour, another option is just to use an
> >> airport hotel, and proceed from there in the morning well-rested.
> >>
> >> Also, nationalrail.co.uk tells me that the last train out of Kings Cross is
> >> the 0007, arriving 0139. May be feasible.
> > 
> > With a 22:30 quoted landing time, it's probably going to be abput 23:30 when 
> > Peter can get onto the Heathrow Express. That delivers him at Paddington at 
> > (optimistically) 23:45 (probably later) and that gives at most 22 minutes to 
> > get from Paddington to King's Cross. I would fully expect that to fail, via 
> > cab, via tube or via anything short of a stand-by helicopter ride.
> > 
> > I suspect that either an airport hotel (expensive), a hotel closer in towards 
> > London or someone offering a spare bed or couhc is a more realistic plan.
> Hi guys--I've booked a room at the Mayflower Hotel in Earl's Court. As I 
> understand it I'll be able to get their by Tube when I get in and then 
> get from there to King's Cross by Tube the next morning. Sound right?

Yep, Earl's Court is on the Circle Line, so is Paddington and King's Cross/St 
Pancras. If you take the Heathrow Express to Paddington, you should be able to 
get to Earl's Court before the Tube shuts for the night.

I'd guesstimate about 10 minutes from Paddington to Earl's Court and about 
half an hour from Earl's Court to King's Cross, but I don't frequently take 
the Circle around that segment, so it is but guesses.


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