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davef at lispworks.com davef at lispworks.com
Thu Feb 7 04:10:07 PST 2008

 > 2. Does anyone fancy dinner with Peter in Cambridge on Thursday
 >    evening? The Free Press served us well enough last time, but
 >    tradition has it that we are supposed to haggle before agreeing to
 >    go back there.

Count me in please.

I'm not sure we actually need to haggle this time, because we can
visit all the other pubs the following evening :)

 > 3. Can anyone put Peter up in Cambridge Thursday and/or Friday nights?

Sorry but I don't really have enough space.

 > 4. Anyone fancy doing anything on Friday afternoon / evening (Peter
 >    has expressed an interest in a genuine Britich "pub crawl")?

Count me in again. I've got a recommended route somewhere which
includes some of the oldest and most interesting venues around the
city centre. I'll dig it out in case we actually want to plan the

BTW March 21 is Good Friday, which is a public holiday in England.

Dave Fox
LispWorks Ltd

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