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Fri Mar 7 10:52:56 PST 2008

 > Nick Levine wrote:
 > > I declare that we have now answered question 1 in sufficient detail.
 > > 
 > > That leaves: 
 > > 
 > > 2. Does anyone fancy dinner with Peter in Cambridge on Thursday
 > >    evening? The Free Press served us well enough last time, but
 > >    tradition has it that we are supposed to haggle before agreeing to
 > >    go back there.
 > So, has this been settled? I'll be hitting the road this Saturday and 
 > arriving in Cambridge on the morning of the 20th. I'm still free that 
 > evening for dinner.

I'll make the booking in a week or so. So far I think we have:

Peter Seibel 
Rich Smith
Dave Fox
Martin Simmons

Are there any other takers for dinner at the Free Press in Cambridge,
Thursday 20th March? I'm sorry if I've missed anyone who already
replied positively.

 > > 4. Anyone fancy doing anything on Friday afternoon / evening (Peter
 > >    has expressed an interest in a genuine Britich "pub crawl")?
 > Also still free for this.

So am I. Looks like it's you and me Peter, unless there are more

 > My cell phone, which in theory will be working while I'm in Europe, is 
 > 415-203-3716. I'll also be trying to check email while I'm on the road. 
 > For the next week I can also be reached at 212-706-0208.


 > -Peter
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