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Marcin Tustin mm3 at zepler.net
Sun May 18 09:56:46 PDT 2008

Is this sbcl running under cygwin, or the windows sbcl available from the
main site? I ask not because I can help you, but because it would be nice to
have access to up-to-date sbcl.

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Holly Styles <hollystyles at fastmail.co.uk>

> Hi,
> I'm a web-developer in the UK. I have been trying to break into Lisp but
> keep getting stuck, I'm hoping to get some help and guidance from the
> community. So when I saw UK Lispers this seemed as good a place to start
> as any.
> My platform is Windows (gasp noooo.) I have managed to get Emacs, SLIME
> and SBCL all talking together and I have done the REPL thing :) sweet.
> But, I am struggling with the whole package management thing. My goal is
> to get a webserver running. I have Apache 2.2 installed and I have
> mod_lisp2 (although Apache falls over trying to load it; claiming it
> can't find it; which is obviously a red herring because it's definitely
> in the modules directory... hmmm one for a bit later) But I can't get
> (asdf-install:instal :hunchentoot) to run. I have installed cygwin. But
> I think asdf is never gonna be happy with the lack of symlinks in
> windows. I have discovered something called Lispy which I have
> downloaded but I don't really know what to do with it.
> Are there any lisp web hackers on this list who have this all sussed out
> and might be able to give me some pointers how to set this up? I have
> been all over Bill Clements blog and dozens of other sights and i grok
> the apache/hunchentoot/lisp overview, where I'm stuck is where all the
> config needs to go (paths, settings, start-up files etc.) So I can get
> it all hung together.
> Anyhoo enjoying Lisp so far, thanks for listening.
> -Holly
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