[uk-lispers] Hello Uk Lispers

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Wed May 21 00:55:12 PDT 2008

   Well I finally got things straightened out. I can recommend Lispy
   (http://common-lisp.net/project/lispy/) it rocks!  It works out all
   the dependencies for you and does all the necessary unpacking. By
   having everything inside my %HOME% path (emacs, slime, openSSl,
   SBCL and lispy) asdf had no complaints.

Well, I hadn't heard of lispy before now, so thanks for bringing it to
my attention.

   So now I have only one little niggling issue. Does anyone know
   where I might get some cool help for getting the mod_lisp2 module
   working in Apache2.2 ?  I'm gonna try contacting the author at
   fractalconcept but I'm none to hopeful as the links to the releases
   appear broken at the moment. I have added the LoadModule stuff to
   httpd.conf but Apache just blows claiming the file doesn't exist.

I would just drop Marc Battyani a line and (i) tell him about the
links and (ii) ask for help. My experience with Apache/mod_lisp has
all been with Apache 1.3.x and it "just works".

- n

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