[uk-lispers] Aug 9

Nick Allen rflug05 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 10:37:12 PDT 2008

> It's fairly easy and close to mainline stations and undergrounds. I
> can post a Google Map link nearer the time. I'll check to make sure
> it's still open (it was last time I walked past). If on the evening it
> happened to be busy there is another bar around the corner (The Albany
> IIRC) which may do - I'll check how noisy it is.
> Where are you guys travelling from?

We'll both be flying in from Warsaw, but I'm flying back home to the
states afterwards

> I'll send out an email to this list and c.l.l maybe 2-3 weeks before
> hand with final details and then a reminder a couple of days before. I
> will also ask Zach to add it to his Lisp meetings calendar.

Cool. Looking forward to it!

There will probably be a Hacker News get-together in London on Friday (the
night before). It will be more the "hacker/entrepreneur" crowd than the
"hardcore hacker" lisp types, but I'll post a link to this list in case
anyone is interested :-)

take care

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