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schmalz schmalz at live.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 22:52:51 GMT 2010

Still here!

To give some personal background; I graduated from a Computer Science
degree over 20 years ago and walked into a job writing Lisp/LOOPS on
Interlisp-D on Xerox workstations - still the best development
environment I have ever used; nothing else has ever come close!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, that job became
untenable and I moved to Eiffel, C++ and latterly Java.

Recently, however, I rediscovered Lisp in the form of Common Lisp when I
was looking for something that only macros can provide and which Java's
annotations only merely scratch the surface of! Unfortunately, I was
unable to make use of the knowledge on that project for that employer.

However, I have just started a position in which the use of Lisp looks
far more likely to become a reality! I shall keep people posted!

Every time I use Lisp, I find a little grin crosses my face - it's that
kind of language!



On Tue, 2010-12-14 at 10:21 +0000, Nick Levine wrote:
> I've been seeing a slow but steady trickle of subscriptions to this
> list. There are currently 109 of us. Gosh. A veritable flood.
> On the other hand, it's a year since any traffic on the list referred
> to anything going on in the UK. Are we still here? 
> - nick
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