[uk-lispers] hello uk lispers

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Wed Dec 15 06:58:04 GMT 2010

Still here, still using Lisp continuously.
MCLIDE (MCL), CLZ (Clozure Common Lisp), Lispworks, SBCL.
Work has been for overseas businesses for more than a decade.
Still plenty of enquiries for my Symbolics material on 
<http://www.asl.dsl.pipex.com/symbolics/>, but shipping costs a 
challenge. I must think of a new hosting home for it if it merits a 
My TimeSight project is morphing from MCL to CLZ (Cocoa & Cocotron) 
slowly, a subset of which will be ready for iOS and Android by the 
time Clozure supports app deliverables.
To do: get into Clojure.
It seems long overdue for the British inventive genius to awake. Too 
long we've been wage slaves and in this endless slide into economic 
depression, isn't it the perfect time to get creative and paddle our 
own canoes. I encourage anyone with an ounce of lispish ambition to 
light fuses.

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