[uk-lispers] hello uk lispers

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Wed Dec 15 08:47:50 GMT 2010

Well this is entertaining. What I actually meant by "still here?" was:
is there still such a thing as the group "uk lispers"? Still, what
this thread morphed into is well worth following and probably more
interesting, so here's my contribution:

Yes, very much still here. I've been working more or less full time as
a lisper, and as a consultant for Ravenbrook, for about ten years. We
typically have enough lisp work to support one and a bit people. It
varies: occasionally it all dies away for a few months, and in one
crazy year we had six people (some part time) working on a spread of
lisp-based projects. Most of our work has been for one end customer
for whom we have developed a number of applications; we have had other
customers but not at the moment. Our code base is over 70k lines of
CL; and gloriously some of that even belongs to us. We sometimes jest
that we are surely the UK's largest lisp consultancy, but we wouldn't
really know who else is out there.

Lisp has been my bread and butter for most of the last 23 years.

- nick

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