[uk-lispers] hello uk lispers

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Fri Dec 17 10:00:27 GMT 2010

At 12:27 AM +0000 10/12/17, Donald Fisk wrote:
>On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 00:33 +0000, Pekka Pirinen wrote:
>>  Donald Fisk  Sent on 14 December 2010 23:22
>>  > Let me know if you're meeting in a pub somewhere, and I'll bring with me a
>>  > Symbolics manual to aid recognition.
>  > Those are huge, I recall. [...]

Perhaps the challenge is the style statement one makes when deciding 
which lisp manual to wear. Genera Concepts can be tucked conveniently 
into a greatcoat pocket if geekiness becomes a liability. 

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