[uk-lispers] make source executable

김태윤 kty1104 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 09:38:02 GMT 2011

I am new to lisp
lisp looks very interesting.
since I am new to lisp and lisp IDE, I have no idea how to make source
I want to distribute my program when I finish my work
to windows, linux, mac os.
could somebody tell me how to make source file executable in lispbox?
I am in Ubuntu 10 and lispbox's version is 0.7

there is compile menu in lispbox's emacs, but it makes file with fasl
I can't execute it

evaluate whole source code and execute executable file shows different
result sometimes
so I want to make it executable and run for test

could somebody let me know?
your little advice would be very helpful
thanks in advanced
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