[uk-lispers] Reduced moderation effort for uk-lispers

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Thu Jan 12 02:04:28 PST 2012

Almost all of the traffic sent to uk-lispers is spam, and I'm getting
bored of moderating it. So I've changed the list's "Action to take for
postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined"
setting from "Hold" (i.e. bother Nick about it) to "Reject" (meaning:
send it back to from whence it came). If this change means that my
inbox gets filled with "I can't deliver this Reject message of yours"
messages on account of people who never existed, then I will change
the setting again, this time to "Discard" (meaning: throw it away
without telling anybody).

This setting only affects posting from people the list doesn't know
about. Anyone who receives list postings "is known about" and so can
post to the list at any time. The list also knows about a few
ALU-related individuals who aren't on the list but may post to it
anyway. It's easy to add to that set of individuals - just ask me
(e.g. if you have an alternate email account from which you
occasionally generate messages).

Anybody objecting to this change is invited to moderate the list
themselves. On the other hand, genuine traffic on this list is so low
that probably nobody cares one way or the other.

- nick

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