[uk-lispers] Reduced moderation effort for uk-lispers

Richard Smith rds at weldsmith.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 05:16:31 PST 2012

As ever I was involved in computers and Lisp, I've left it behind and
concentrate on engineering / materials / welding.

I still occasionally knock out a trivial calculation using Lisp.
Most of the time just a "jotting pad" for arithmetic "in-line" in a

Feel a wish that Emacs used ANSI Common Lisp so could use eg. Paul
Graham and Seibel books to suggest code to write.

One advantage of Lisp is that there is an interpretter for any
computer and that interpretter is small.  Essentially you can jump
from any computer - mac or pc - to any other.  And on PC you can run
an interpretter from a CD.

Trivial in theory, but useful in practice if your program calculates
cutting templates or somethign like that.

'fraid not high-level contribution.

Found Lisp sort of satisfying to use - expression pleases with
orderliness, then "bottom up" programming building suites of little
functions, feeling way as go, works for building the tools I need.


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