[uk-lispers] Reduced moderation effort for uk-lispers

Donald Fisk hibou at onetel.com
Fri Jan 13 14:22:34 PST 2012

On Fri, 2012-01-13 at 14:12 +0000, Christophe Rhodes wrote:
> Nick Levine <ndl at ravenbrook.com> writes:
> > Events elsewhere are mirrored here (e.g. ECLM announcements on the
> > eurolisp list appear here too). Proposals for group travel to Euro
> > events appear here but could at a pinch go to the
> > foo-meeting-attendees list (or eurolisp). I can't think when we last
> > had an event in the UK, a local meeting of any sort. (Actually, I
> > can. It was SBCL, in December 2010. Before that, a London Lisp meeting
> > in April 2009.)
> I feel old... I think that the SBCL10 event was 2009 too (don't be
> fooled by the "10"; it's for the 10th birthday, not 2010 :-)
> I'm still in London, and while it is less straightforward for me to plan
> my social engagements than it was 3 years ago or so (I share the house
> with rather more small beings now than then, and have rather more
> work responsibilities at the moment too) I'd still be up for a chat at
> some point.  Where's good to go out these days?

I'm still in London and still Lisping, at least at home with my own
dialect (which is quite similar to Common Lisp).   I'd be interested in
meeting other Lispers.   Any pub which does good beer gets my vote,
particularly if they have some Belgian ales, e.g. the Lowlander.   Who
else is still in London?

We used to be a lot more active than in the past: occasional pub meats,
and we joined up with the Schematics for some seminars.   There's also a
Computer Science Reading Club which met at a pub in Clerkenwell and read
SICP together - I went to one of their meetings.


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